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Helpvoyage is a website that gathers commercial offers of many tour operator.

Once again, Helpvoyage is neither a travel agency, an air company, a car rental, nor a reservation center.

Helpvoyage doesn’t sell directly any tourist product presented or accessible via its website.

Helpvoyage provide a service that permit its users it look for products and service providers available in the field of trip provided by “travel agency, tour operator, air company, car rental “ according to criteria of research you specified in From these research criteria, consult the data of different providers and post the result.

Each result suggested is supplied by an hypertext hinkthat directs the user to other websites run by the providers and that the content can, in any way, engage the responsibility of the editorial office of the website.

These hypertext links are only provided to inform.

Helpvoyage have no control on the websites and by this fact, the established hypertext links towards these websites doesn’t mean that Helpvoyage approves their data or Helpvoyage is associated to their operators.

At the same time, the simple mention of trade mark, logo or the name of the company doesn’t engage the editorial office of helpvoyage concerning the real or supposed quality of the products or the service provided.

Helpvoyage can’t make sure of the exact information transmitted by trip service. The every information in the website is trusty given. It may contain inexact information, omission and lacunas.

Helpvoyage is not responsible of the terms used by the partners pages and can’t in any way, be taken for responsible of every mistake in these pages.