Fair with the Questions

Who are we

Helpvoyage is a website that informs and compares trips of new generation. Our meta-engine search looks for the more interesting offers available in different trip websites and suggests, in less than one minute a full list of flight tickets or trips that correspond your criteria. From now on, don’t loose your time by searching during hours in trip websites for the cheapest flight ticket or the best price to rent a car. All you have to do is to ask the Helpvoyage engine to find in less than one minute what you are looking for. By clicking your choice, you proceed directly to order your product at the tour operator website.

What aren't we

Hepvoyage is neither a travel agency, nor a tour operator, nor a car rental, nor a booking center. Then, Helpvoyage doesn’t sell any service. All the orders are directly done in the tour operator website that you have choosen before and we have no information about the subject.

What is a tour operator ? ?

A tour operator is the service provider of trip product where you book of pay your trip. In fact, a tour operator may be an travel agency, a flight company, or a car rental.

Why do you choose helpvoyage.com for your trip ?

Because helpvoyage.com undertakes to offer you a clear and pertiment posting of the best offers of the referenced service provider in our research results.
Because helpvoyage gives the lowest prices first and makes no difference between the websites. Because Helpvoyage makes sure the offers presented in its websites are updated regularly and selects the best offers of the moment..
Because helpvoyage finds in few seconds of what we look for, so with helpvoyage, you save time and money..
Because helpvoyage is free for its users. The prices posted in the website are the same found in the tour operator websites..
Because helpvoyage knows what you look for and targets what you need :

  • – Thematic targeting : last minute, low price weekend, good deals
  • – Geographic targeting : regional, department, local.
  • – Event targeting: Festivals, carnavals, concerts…

What can you look for in the www.helpvoyage.com ?

Thanks to these research engines, helpvoyage allows you to find a wide range of choice of programs in the field of trip: Plane ticket- car rent-package (flight +hotel) week end – ski – sightseeing – cruise – dining – honeymoon trip – golf- thalasso and well-being journey and lowcost. Also, you can find in helpvoyage.com the best special offer of the categories of trips mentioned before. Moreover, you can also find in helpvoyage.com several informations useful to prepare your holiday in good condition. .

What kind of tour operators are referenced in www.helpvoyage.com ?

Helpvoyage.com references lot of tour operators and travel agencies, car rentals, flight companies, hotels, even generalist or specialists. Helpvoyage permanetly grows its panel of the tour operators so as to suggest the maximum of offers concerning the field of trip. If you wish to be our partner, send us an email to the following address : contact@helpvoyage.com

What to do in case of problem with your booking or your trip ? ?

We remind you that helpvoyage is neither a travel agency, nor tour operator, nor a car rental, nor a flight company, nor a hotel, nor provider so, helpvoyage doesn’t sell directly any service. All your commands are done on the choosen tour operator website and after that we have no information. Consequently, in case of a problem with your reservation or with your trip, we advise you to contact the tour operator directly in order to solve the problem. .

Where can I post my suggestions ?

Would you sent your remarks to the following address contact@helpvoyage.com

To change or cancel a ticket ?

As we are exclusively a search engine and we don’t sell any service, so transactions don’t occur in our website. All the transactions are operated by our partners. To change or cancel a ticket, you have to consult the website in which you have booked or paid your ticket. Probably, the confirmation message sent by the provider when you book may contain the main information.

Do the prices posted included taxes and booking fees ? ?

We post the prices as they appear in the websites of our partners at the moment of the research we will be grateful if you find a difference in the prices between the result of the research and the website of our partners.