Where to go Surfing in Cornwall and Devon

The Atlantic Highway is a snaking road of asphalt, that cuts through natural beauty and connects Devon and Cornwall. But did you know about the places to go surfing in Cornwall and Devon?

Purveyors who deal in boards, wax and waves can be seen gunning up and down this highway, wild eyed and frothing at the mouths; in search of what the area has to offer.

Here are a few of the best surfing spots in Cornwall and Devon.

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Surfers at Sauton Sands, Devon
Surfers at Sauton Sands, Devon

Where to go surfing in Cornwall and Devon

Join the local Cornwall and Devon surfers at these surfing hotspots.


As many peoples favourite beach break to surf, Croyde in North Devon is the place to be when the swell is pumping. Both pro and amateur surfers will be there, but things can get a little hairy and heavy at this spot, with rips in big swell.

There is parking at both ends, with a nice café and board rental from the downs end car park – which is also a nice spot for photographers if you’re just there to spectate.

Further down the road in the little town there is a pub and surf shops also.

Saunton Sands

If you’re more of a long boarder that prefers more predictable pealing waves, this point break might be for you.

This beach is also long and is great for walking dogs and also popular for movie productions. The surf rolls in on the burrows which are like if you made the moon out of sand. There is a café and equipment hire and also beach hut hire.

Parking prices are reasonable and there are lots of it so you don’t have to hassle looking for a space.

The views of this beach are best from the road that winds along to Croyde and in-between the two beaches are some point breaks likely to be less crowded if you’re an accomplished surfer. There are good options for wind surfers too.


Here, if the winds up, you’ll be somewhat protected and so will the waves.

It’s a little harder to get to but there is good parking available, although more expensive at £9 per vehicle in summer and £7 in winter.

The giant headland divides Croyde and Putts like a mythical whale is bearing down on you as you ride the waves back to shore. Good for all levels of surfer. There is also surf hire, camping and amenities.

Puttsborough Surfers in Devon
Puttsborough Surfers in 35mm.

Westward Ho!

Kitesurfing is the name of the game here. On windy days people terrorize the seas with kites at speeds that make the surfer’s wonder if they have got it all wrong.

Sporting to be the only place name in the UK with an exclamation mark in the title; its easy to see why on wild days!

There is a friendly kit hire shop that can suit you up and is reasonably priced and open all year round.

If you want to surf and then do some dinning, there are plenty of options for food here too including the renowned Hockings ice cream.

Westward Ho! sits on the south side of the dividing Bideford Bar which runs up to Appledore and then Instow, two other nice spots.

Surfer chilling on a wave at Westward Ho!
Surfer chilling on a wave at Westward Ho!


Walking down to the end of the harbour where the fishermen prepare their boats to head out you wouldn’t think that this is much of a surf beach – but it is.

Bude has a lovely family atmosphere and the surf can suit all levels of surfers with this west facing beach break, although it can be a tough paddle out and does have rips.

There are a few different spots to surf at including Sandymouth Bay, Crooklets and Summerleaze Beach which is the closest to Bude itself.

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