The Ultimate Land Rover Defender Camping Setup

Ultimate Land Rover Camping Set Up

Tough, capable, and unstoppable. That’s me (or so I try!) and it is definitely my Land Rover Defender. Just looking at her makes me feel ready for an adventure.

Exploring Africa in a Land Rover will always be one of my favorite excursions. In case you haven’t been on my Instagram lately, check her out here. She’s an absolute beauty!

One of my goals for the decade has been to get out into nature more and simply disconnect. I’ve had some epic camping adventures and my Land Rover Defender has been with me through them all.

Perfect for off-roading and hauling gear, it’s absolutely the right vehicle for the job. And now that it’s outfitted with all the right amenities, we’re camping in serious style.

Ready to reconnect with the great outdoors? Here are the ins and outs of my Land Rover Defender camping setup.

My Land Rover Defender

As a heads up, I have the 2013 Land Rover Defender.

As you’re outfitting your car, make sure you’ve got the correct make and model for parts that are car or model-specific!

A little background— Land Rover stopped producing the Defender in 2016, and they’re not allowed in the USA unless they’re 25 years old or older. And, even then, they’re ridiculously expensive.

Needless to say, I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d get one. In South Africa. Where I’d be living. WHAT IS LIFE?!

Real talk, I sold my first car in California last year. A 2000 Toyota Celica. That I bought from the money I earned working at Papa Johns Pizza in high school.

It became a running joke with my friends that (despite what you see on IG) I still drove my little old car until I was nearly 30. When your priorities are in buying plane tickets…right? 😉

Land Rover Setup

Customizing my Land Rover Defender has been well worth it. Rather than constantly moving things or working on solutions that end up being not quite what I need, I’ve found a handful of items that make setting up camp a breeze.

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landrover defender camping

Ideal for Camping

Having all of my gear on hand in the car means that I do some impromptu camping anytime, anywhere. Check out these pics of my Land Rover Defender all set up for a day at the beach.

Even in areas where camping is restricted, I can pop up the tent and just chill for a bit while taking in the view. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about having this vehicle.

While I wouldn’t consider myself much of a “car person,” it’s these kinds of magical experiences that leave me completely in love with my Land Rover. 

I mentioned Wolf Packs in my Ultimate Campsite Packing Gear Guide and I really couldn’t say often enough how handy those guys are! Transporting Wolf Packs is easy with a couple of simple vehicle add-ons. They fit my Land Rover roof rack using these:

  • Cargo Chocks: Got cargo? You need cargo chocks!
  • Stratchits (x3 sets): These lightweight, durable stratchits make any load transportable so you can take off feeling confident that nothing is going to go flying.

Other Land Rover Additions

When you’ve got a sweet ride, you’ve got to deck it out! Here are a few of the additions that I have found to be incredibly worthwhile.

Venom Led Lightforce

Part of the fun in having a 4×4 vehicle is going off-roading. For these, having the right lights is crucial. Lightforce Venom LEDs are beyond powerful.

These LEDs light up one Lux at 850 meters. If you know anything about lights, you know that is incredibly powerful. They offer a 5000k color temperature rating, which is the equivalent of natural daylight.

This creates a visual field that is bright and safer. On top of that, the natural and bright lighting of this quality makes a huge difference in driver fatigue.

Intervolt DCC 12v 25A Pro Charging Kit

This is another Land Rover add-on that I’ve found to be a true one of a kind. For a powerful battery, this is it. The dual battery system of the Pro Charging Kit lets me run a refrigerator and pretty much anything else I might need.

It’s the only battery out there that allows remote monitoring, along with options for both main and solar power charging sources.

Second Battery for Intervolt

It is always a good thing to have a backup when you are going to be in the wilderness.

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