Étiquette : Travel tips

How to Find an Adventure

Are you looking for that next exciting adventure in your life?

If so, following are a few things to help you find it. With so many incredible options available it’s good to take a systematic approach that will save you time and help you find your adventure dream come true. So, how to find an adventure?First, we’ll cover some things for you to

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Great Tips for Planning a Round-The-World Trip

The RTW traveler: a breed of road veteran surpassed in experience perhaps only by the steely-eyed, scarf-wearing newspaper foreign correspondent. The idea of round-the-world travel has been gaining traction in recent years, with more and more people, from a widening variety of age ranges and backgrounds, deciding it’s possible to add a big trip to their

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How to Plan for Last Minute Vacations

When we have no idea what travel restrictions are going to be place when, planning your travels in advance has been a bit tricky lately. Which is why we’re seeing an increase in last minute vacations! Arranging last minute vacations typically means higher budgets and more stress. This is certainly true for travelers who have no experience exploring last

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Volunteer Abroad Travel Insurance

You will need

travel insurance

when you plan to

volunteer abroad. Most companies that organize travel trips insist or recommend you having volunteer abroad travel insurance. Travel insurance is an insurance that is intended to cover

medical expenses,

financial and other losses

incurred while

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Sustainable Travel Tips on a Budget

Want to leave goodness in your path when you travel? These sustainable travel tips will help you to embark on travels that are good for the earth, communities and yourself. They will help you to immerse in local culture, see the land through the eyes of the people who live there and it will save you a ton of money. It’s also possible to travel sustainably

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How to do Sustainable Camping

Camping provides access to beautiful hiking and fishing sports, making it the ideal way to escape from the daily chores so you can unwind and relax. It is important to keep the environment in mind though – and that’s where sustainable camping comes in. There are a lot of things you can do to make your stay at a campsite eco-friendly.


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What is Travel Insurance? And Why You Need It

Travel planning isn’t all about booking flights and hotels, it includes a few boring aspects….one of them being travel insurance. What is travel insurance you might ask? Travel insurance

is one of those things that you have to have, but hope you’ll never use. If you’re a traveler that loves to count every penny then travel insurance is probably

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