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Where to go Swimming in Barcelona and Surrounds

In summer in Barcelona, beginning late May to early October, it becomes very warm in the city (much like all of Spain). You’re looking at around 30 degrees at the peak of summer, and of course, as lovely as it is, often we do need to cool down! There are plenty of places you can stay cool in Barcelona, but our favourite choice is besides a glorious swimming

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Tips on How to Take Better Travel Photos

Tips from an amateur travel photographer on how to take better travel photos. I’m only an amateur photographer, but over the past five years as I’ve traveled the world as a digital nomad, I’ve received a lot of nice compliments about my photo’s, both on social media and in our newsletter. I’ve even had some requests for advice on how to take better travel

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3 Days in Amsterdam: What Not to Miss

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This capital city of the Netherlands is vibrant, fun and full of amazing things to do and see for a fulfilling holiday. From some of the world’s best museums to the legendary Red Light District, cruises in the canals and unforgettable events, there is so much to do when spending 3 days in

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Top Croatia Travel Tips



is a very small country, but that doesn’t mean that it is not worth visiting. This gorgeous location will easily charm you in a matter of minutes with everything that it has to offer you – from food to weather, people and more, you will easily fall in love when travelling in Croatia and exploring this picturesque country!

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The Best Beaches in Montenegro to Visit

When people talk about heading out for a holiday at the beach, normally they talk about visiting Mexico, Spain, Greece or Indonesia. These are common destinations for nice summer holidays, but what if I told you Montenegro, the hidden gem of the Adriatic Sea, has five must-visit, jaw-dropping amazing beaches? Allow me to tickle your travel bone with these

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How to Use an eSIM for USA Travel

One of the most annoying things about traveling to a new country is having to constantly hunt down reliable Wi-Fi spots or figure out how to buy a local SIM card to get connected. Or worse, getting hit with the exorbitant international roaming charges. If you’re traveling in the US, it helps to have constant internet connection to help you navigate the

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